How can you help?

The ICT industry needs to think & act across 4 dimensions:


Address the immediate impact on ICT workforce, customers and partners


Address near-term revenue challenges and broader resilience issues during national lockdowns and economic downturn


Once full knock-on effects are known, devise plans to return ICT businesses to scale


Re-imagine the new normal, what are the discontinuous shifts and how should the ICT sector collectively reinvent itself?

What do customers need?

In the short-term, ICT businesses need to contribute solutions towards solving immediate operating challenges and providing solutions that build business resilience:

What businesses need to resolve immediate challenges:What businesses need to be resilient in the “new normal”:
Tools to engage internallyTools to sell online
Tools to engage customersTools for sales automation
Tools for collaborationManagement oversight tools
Tools to automate internal processes
Tools for product / service exposure